When to Do Your Landscape Maintenance Including Weeding, Mulching, and Pruning or Trimming

Your yard serves a lot of purposes in your daily life: it gives your children a place to enjoy; it gives a great place to relax on a wonderful spring morning. Regular mowing is obviously very important however, your landscape beds as well as the other plants also need a regular inspection from time to time. 


By doing landscape and lawn maintenance, you can definitely help your lawn turn into the best it can actually be, and also, you get to protect your properties you have made into creating a good-looking yard. As a matter of fact, there are a lot of aspects of maintaining your landscape and every one of them should be performed on different occasions. In addition to that, you may also want to explore the decision of hiring professional and highly experienced landscape and lawn maintenance service provider such as Santa Rosa lawn maintenance contractors to handle all the tasks for you. 

When Should Pruning and Trimming be Done? 

Pruning and trimming are commonly used interchangeably however, they are basically very different practices. Actually, trimming is performed in order to control the plant’s shape as well as to make your hedges and shrubs look aesthetically attractive. When trimming of hedges is done, it provides your hedges with an opportunity to grow back healthier while preventing overgrowth. Trimming of shrubs, on the other hand, allows you to shape your plants to the shape you want. Trimming is typically done at least a few occasions per year. But for some properties, it needs to be done twice a week. 

Pruning is performed in order to maintain your plants healthy and is often performed once a year. With that being said, it involves removal of injured, diseased or dead branches so that your plants can grow plenty of flowers or fruits. Most plants must be pruned during the late winter months or early spring season while they’re still in their dormant state however, there are a few exceptions. 

Fertilize Your Lawn 4 to 6 Times Every Year 

Fertilizing your lawn is a very important task to help keep your plants healthy. Without weed control and fertilizer, your lawn can’t retain its healthy and green appearance. In some places, it is very vital to fertilize your lawn 4 to 6 times in one year. 

Fertilizing your lawn during the spring season includes pre-emergent herbicide treatments, letting you have minimal invasions of weed in your lawn. Summer fertilization basically has a post-emergent herbicidal treatment that eliminates any existing broadleaf and some other weeds. During the late summer months, another fertilization procedure should be done.  

When to Reapply Mulch? 

Mulch gives a lot of advantages to your landscaping beds. By applying mulch, you can: 

  • Repel insects or pests 
  • Prevent soil erosion 
  • Control weeds 
  • Complete the appearance of your landscaping bed design 
  • Regulate soil temperature 
  • Promote the growth of your plants 

Most frequently used mulches are ideally dyed hardwood and they come in brown, black or red. Furthermore, mulches should be reapplied on a yearly basis to keep maximizing the advantages of having mulch. 



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